Robert Lovett went to the USA to study three dimensional anatomy of horse and human. This entailed the building of the complete body, starting with the skeleton and adding each muscle in clay, one by one. The deep muscles are formed first, gradually building up to the outer superficial muscles. Particular attention was paid to muscle to bone attachments and the movement resulting from contraction of muscle. The ligaments, types of bone joints and scope of movements were all considered. This was followed by a detailed analysis of the various actions, such as walking, running, trotting, galloping etc. This knowledge has proved invaluable.
The model is built in wax or clay. It is supported by a framework or armature fixed to a base. Small pieces of clay are added, gradually building up the major masses. Then the smaller parts (legs etc.) are attached. All the while the proportions are carefully adjusted, Adding detail and texture is tedious and time-consuming, but very rewarding when completed. Projects such as a horse and rider would be too complex to be cast in one piece. They are created as separate projects and welded together after casting.

BRONZE CASTING- The lost wax process
A mould is made from the original sculpture using a latex rubber compound encased in a plaster shell. The shell is made in two accurately fitted halves, like an oyster and bolted together. When the rubber has solidified the shell is opened up. the rubber is carefully cut with a scapel to remove the original (which is discarded). The mould fits back together exactly where it has been cut when reassembled in the plaster casing.A casting wax is poured into the mould and poured out again after a short period of cooling, leaving a hollow wax cast. The mould is again dismantled and the cast carefully removed. This wax cast requires a great deal of hand work to prepare it for bronze casting. After touching up any discrepencies, various strips of wax connect all extremities, to provide channels for bronze to flow. The hollow centre of the wax is filled with a core of heat resistant material.The wax cast is repeatedly dipped into a ceramic slurry until a thick layer is built up. It is then fired in a furnace. The ceramic becomes hard and the melted wax drains away, leaving a hollow ceramic shell. The molten bronze is poured in, filling the space left by the wax between the core and the shell. When it has cooled the ceramic is chipped away to reveal the raw bronze including all the little flow pipes. These are cut away and the surface restored where they were attached. Details that could not be cast, such as reins, whips etc. are added. The patina is applied with chemicals and heat. Many different effects can be achieved with various chemicals and temperatures. The entire process has to be repeated for each new cast.

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The Man from Snowy River

Bronze Sculpture by Robert Lovett

"But the Man from Snowy River let the pony have his head. He swung his
stockwhip round and gave a cheer."

The verse from Banjo Paterson's poem was the inspiration for this superb bronze.Robert Lovett has captured the excitement and action of the famous poem. The sculpture is well detailed yet has a distinct hand made quality, characteristic of the Lovett technique.
Robert Lovett has been synonymous with the "Man from Snowy River" for many years. The sellout exhibition of paintings at Sydney Opera House in conjunction with the movie was the catalyst to produce a sculpture. With a deep understanding of horses and a profound knowledge of their anatomy, Robert is well qualified to produce this unique work of art.
It makes a fine conversation piece for your living room and an heirloom to pass on to your children and grandchildren.
Limited edition of twenty five (25)
HEIGHT 35 cm X WIDTH 35 cm


Polo Player
Bronze Sculpture by Robert Lovett

The sheer excitement of the game can be felt in this action packed bronze. Robert Lovett has captured the fluent motion of horse and rider. His knowledge of anatomy and movement is very evident, yet it exhibits a looseness and freedom rarely seen in a bronze. Although it has a rugged hand made quality of a true work of art, this sculpture displays superb detail. "Polo Player" is a beautiful piece of art to grace your living room. The beauty of bronze is everlasting. It will become a treasured family heirloom.Limited edition
of fifteen (15)
HEIGHT (to hand) 37 cm
WIDTH 35 cm


The Gold Panner
Bronze Sculpture by Robert Lovett

This bronze depicts the typical rugged bush character of the early gold-rush days. The prospectors panned for alluvial gold in the streams. A small quantity of grave from the riverbed was gently washed in the pan. The density of the gold
caused it to collect in the bottom of the pan, while the lighter gravel was washed out. Not many made their fortunes this way, but found enough to keep them panning. Limited edition
of fifteen (15)
HEIGHT 32 cm
WIDTH 22 cm




In order to uphold my good reputation, which has evolved over my 60 years as an artist, I maintain complete honesty in all my dealings.
Over the many years I have shipped my art to all parts of the world. I have not had one piece lost or damaged. I use a reliable pack and ship company and track your consignment online. For insurance purposes, each painting comes with an illustrated valuation letter.

"All these past years I derived so much pleasure from your paintings and sculpture.
Everything arrives so perfectly intact it has been a pleasure doing business with such a trustworty person over the past 14 years.
Best Regards!"

A. Chan
Hong Kong

"I have known Robert and Joan for many years and have been buying art from them for over 20 of those. During that time I have bought prints, originals and sculpture both in person and off the web ". I have no hesitation in saying that they have been a delight to deal with and everything has been done with ease and all my pieces have arrived hassle free. I have no doubt that I will have future dealings with them on all the exciting new projects that Robert is undertaking."

T. Phelan
London, England

"Robert Lovett has been one of my favourite artists in the past ten years and we have a collection of his paintings in Melbourne and our Queensland Penthouse. He is a delight to us and he safely, soundly and so beautifully transports all the paintings so perfectly."

S. Kilroy
Melbourne, Australia

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